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Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Force.” Reiki is a safe, gentle and deeply relaxing non-intrusive hands-on healing method. It can support and accelerate the body’s natural harmony and ability to heal itself. Reiki removes energy blocks and works toward creating a continual flow of energy that will enable a wonderful balance for your mind, body and spirit. 

Reiki Session 45 min $50

Reiki Promotes   – Deep Relaxation – Reduced Stress and Anxiety – Better Sleep – Pain Management – Increased Energy and Vitality

Reiki with Sound Therapy

reiki sound.webp

In the beginning there was sound. The Universal Life force of Reiki and sound intertwine to create a powerful healing effect. This session uses both on and off the body methods to invoke your body’s natural harmonic state of being. This can be a highly transformative experience. 

Reiki with Sound 60 min / $60    70 min/ $70

Mini Session 30 min / $30

Sound Therapy

Let the power of sound create harmony within your body and auric field. This will combine both on and off the body methods. This may include tuning forks, crystal bowls and various other instruments to help remove and replenish stagnant energy. This can be both soothing and invigorating. 

Sound Therapy 60 min /$60  70 min / $70

Sound Bathing


Let the power of sound take your friends, co-workers etc on a healing journey as various instruments are played around you. This relaxing session is meant to replenish your energy body and auric field. Although the experience will be shared each of you will individually receive the session uniquely to you. This session will not include as on the body work.

Group Sound Bath 30min / $100*

Group Sound Bath 45min / $150*
*20 People or less

Intuitive Healing Session


As your practitioner I will help facilitate you in your own healing journey. Each session will be uniquely tuned to you. This session may encompass a variety of healing modalities. These may include Reiki, chakra work, crystals, aroma therapy, color support, EFT and sound integration. Shamanic healing can include cord cutting, guided visualizations, attachment removal, soul retrieval and journeying. Spirit may also provide guidance and or healing messages to help focus your session. Please know that clients will often experience deep emotional releases. This is a natural expression of the healing process. Others may just feel pure peace and relaxation. There is no right or wrong way to heal, only your way. 

Intuitive Healing Session 90 min / $85  Distance Session 90 min / $85
Distance-Healing (1).jpg

Distance Healing Session

Energy transcends time and space. This is a wonderful option to have healing energy sent to a loved one with their permission or in those cases where the client is unable to attend an in-person session. We will prearrange a time to connect energetically for you to receive this healing energy. If this is not an option a session can be made in advance. You will be given instructions for this delivery method. This is for Reiki energy only. 

Distance healing real time 45 min / $50  Distance healing, advance session / $50

Full Shamanic Session with Journey

Shaman drummer.jpeg

This will be an intuitive session with journey. As your practitioner I will journey on your behalf prior to your appointment to receive information to help guide your session. Once you arrive at the prescheduled time, we will go over the journey and any insights provided before the beginning of session. The session with be in total 3-3 1/2 hours. One hour will be spent in journey before your arrival so you session will be in actuality 2-2 1/2 hours long. 

Full Shamanic Session with journey 3- 3 1/2 hours $150
power animals.jpg

Shamanic Journey for Power Animal Retrieval

As you practitioner I will journey on your behalf to retrieve your power animal and any other guidance or insight received. This will be provided either as an email write up, distance call or an in-person sharing. 

Shamanic Journey with power animal retrieval 1-1/2 hours  $50

Past Lives Healing Session

I will tune into one of your past lives prior to your arrival and retrieve details that are relevant to your current life situation and / or what needs to be healed on a soul level. We will then use this as our guidance to heal and release during your session. 

Past Lives Healing Session 90 min / $111
*All information comes from spirit; For entertainment purposes only

Healing Messages

healing heart.jpg

What is a healing message? It is a grouping of words given for you from your white light team to lift you up, send you love and or encouragement. They are master communicators and know the perfect message for you in the moment or even future moments. These may come through as a short sentence, a story or a poetic turn of phrasing. Trust that yours will arrive perfectly for you. It is my honor to reach out to your spiritual guardians/ angels and retrieve the words they have for you. This is prearranged either before your session or as a stand alone. This is not included in your regular session unless spirit provides. Messages will be written in a notecard or sent to your email as to your preference. 

Angel/Healing Message $25

Angel/Healing Message & Additional Messages $45

Angel/Healing Message & Additional Messages & 2 Questions of your choice $65

Spiritual Mentoring & Life Coaching

Spiritual Mentoring 60 min / $60
Life Coaching 60 min / $60
*Custom plans available

Bundle Offerings


Aura Glow

60 Min Sound Session

45 Min Reiki Session

Healing Message

$120 / 2 - 4 weeks

Aura Deep Cleanse 

90 Min Intuitive Session

60 Min Sound Session

60 Min Spiritual Coaching

Power Animal Retrieval

Healing Message

$250 / 4 - 6 weeks

Payments are rendered at the time of service. I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover card, Cash and Checks. Cash app, Venmo and Paypal.

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