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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my session look like?

Most sessions begin with a short consultation about your needs and any health concerns. Depending on the session you have chosen your practitioner will go over what the session may look and feel like.  From there you will be made comfortable on a massage table fully clothed so that your session may begin. 

What to expect after a session?

Some common after effects are feeling relaxed or tired. This is completely normal as the energy body releases some of it's fight or flight energy and is now in balance.  Occasionally emotions may come to the  surface for you to work through in your now balanced state of being.  Hydration and rest will support your physical and energetic body. 

How often do I have a session?

That depends on your individual goals and needs. Energy work is accumulative, the more you are able to keep your energy body in balance the better you can be supported in your healing . Like most self care routines you will trust your inner wisdom to know when you are ready.

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